Denver City Lax works to create opportunities for inner-city youth in the Denver area.
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Denver City Lax Team Norms

Honor the Game   Lacrosse is a fast paced action sport played with both emotion and contact so it is important for our players, coaches, and parents to be committed to honoring the game of lacrosse. This is true both at practices and games.  We do not accept taunting opponents or talking back to officials.  We do not throw our equipment in frustration.  To fit in on our team, you must commit to play and act like a champion before, during and after the game regardless of the score.  Win or lose, our fans, opponents, and referees should know that City Lax ‘Honors the Game.’ 

SOAR   Lacrosse can be a magical and rewarding game because like other other field sports it has mental, physical, and emotional elements wrapped up in team play.  City Lax teams will from time to time honor players that work hard to demonstrate the SOAR model (Sportsmanship, Opportunity, Academics and Respect).  Coaches and players will be on the lookout for players who show intelligence, caring, sportsmanship, and effort on and off the field.  This will not always be the player who scores the most or gets the best grades.

Unity, Preparation, and Respect   Unity means that our teams stick together.   City Lax players support each other all the time. Teammates look for opportunities to congratulate each other.  It is always more fun to be on a team where it is safe to make mistakes because you know your teammates are behind you.  Preparation means that players are willing and committed to being ready.  That means having all of their gear organized and ready.  It means being on time to practices and games.  It means working independently to better your game.  Finally, it means keeping up on schoolwork so that you can be at all practices and games.  Respect means that our players honor their teammates, coaches, family and opponents. 

Errors of Commission   Lacrosse can also be fun because you can try new things.  Our style will be open to players who know when to take chances and go all out.  It is far better to try something and fail than to not try and fail. 

City Lax thanks Jim Anderson and the Lake Washington Kangaroo Lacrosse Team for providing guidance and allowing us to use their model approach and team guidelines.