Denver City Lax works to create opportunities for inner-city youth in the Denver area.
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Learning to SOAR a mile high!


Denver City Lax strives to promote values important to becoming responsible contributors to the community.  Learning to SOAR a mile high is a basic guideline for City Lax participants.


S       Sportsmanship   Good sportsmanship includes playing fair, sharing the responsibilities of the team,  avoiding arguments, following directions, encouraging teammates and respecting the effort from the other team.

O       Opportunity     Every person should have the opportunity to succeed, but it is an individual’s responsibility to take advantage of opportunities to learn and grow.  If you prepare yourself, you will be able to grasp the opportunity to grow from new experiences as they present themselves.

A       Academics     Education is more important than lacrosse.  Focus on getting good grades and working hard in the classroom before working hard on the lacrosse field.

R       Respect and Responsibility     Respect yourself, your family, your teachers, your coaches,  your opponent and your teammates.  Be responsible for your own behavior and work hard at school.  Help your team by not missing practices, being on time and taking care of your equipment.