Denver City Lax works to create opportunities for inner-city youth in the Denver area.
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Denver City Lax FAQ’s for 2020
Tell me about Denver City Lax

Denver City Lax is a non-profit organization developing a sports-based youth development program that currently involves elementary and middle school students playing lacrosse in underserved neighborhoods in the Denver metro area.

City Lax is supported by private donations from individuals in the lacrosse, business and educational communities of Denver; foundation grants; and numerous volunteers.     

How much does playing for Denver City Lax cost?
Players can sign up with Denver City Lax for no cost.
What about equipment?
Denver City Lax provides all players who do not have equipment with: a uniform, helmet, stick, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, goggles (girls) and mouth guard. 
What if I have never played lacrosse?

Denver City Lax is about growing the game, and attempts to offer participation to individuals of all skill types.  Each year we start a new group of players at the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade
 levels.  Our U10 through U15 teams become more experienced each year.

What is the time commitment?
Teams practice 2-3 times per week depending on their age level. Games are on Saturday's, and some Sundays. Practices begin the end of February/first week of March, and the regular season goes through the first week of June.  Players are expected to be at all practices and games.
Where are practices held and when?

City Lax’s home fields have been Skyland Park, located behind Hiawatha Davis Recreation Center at 35th & Holly Street; the Martin Luther King Recreation Center, located at 38th and Newport; Fred Thomas Park, located at 26th & Quebec; and the Smiley Campus (McAuliffe) at 25th and Holly St.  In 2020, we will primarily use MLK Recreation Center and the fields at Smiley campus (McAuliffe). 

Practices will be held at our home field(s), and possibly at other neighborhood playgrounds and fields, depending on the age level of the team. 

Practices are 2-3 times per week depending on the team's age level. All teams practice between 5:30-7:00 pm.
Who are the coaches?

City Lax coaches are generally former high school and college lacrosse players who volunteer their time to coach.  Each team is assigned 3-5 coaches.  

Coaches participate in City Lax coaches training, a league coaching certification program, and additional training.
Where do players live and go to school?
City Lax players come from a wide range of Denver neighborhoods.  While many City Lax families live or attend school in the Park Hill area, City Lax has a history of working with numerous players that live throughout the metro area including Park Hill, Montbello, Green Valley, Aurora, Skyland, Clayton, Cole, Five Points, Whittier and other neighborhoods.

What is the 2020 spring schedule for City Lax? 
Practice will begin the first week of March. The last day of the season will be May 31, 2020.

Games are played on Saturdays, and some Sundays.  The season consists of 6-8 games played throughout mid March, April, and May.  The official game schedule will be released by the league at the beginning of the season.
What if I have other questions?

Please contact us at
, or call 303-725-5500 or 720-837-4947.