Denver City Lax works to create opportunities for inner-city youth in the Denver area.
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Spring 2017 Lacrosse Information

Returning Families/Players

How do I Register?

For the 2017 Spring season, a parent/guardian for each participant will need to fill out the online Returning Player Form, attend a mandatory parent meeting, and complete paper registration.

Two Step Registration Process

  1. Fill out the Returning Player Form
  2. Attend a Parent/Family Meeting

Parent Family Meeting Dates/Time/Location

  • TBD

Required Forms: (Participants will not be allowed to practice or receive gear)

  1. City Lax Registration Forms
  2. Proof of age (for new participants only)


New Families/Players

Interested in playing for City Lax?

Denver City Lax is a sports-based youth development organization creating educational and life opportunities for boys and girls in under-served neighborhoods in the Denver area through the sport of lacrosse.  The organization serves primarily elementary and middle school students that may not have access to affordable recreation, education and youth development programming.

Apply to participate this spring by filling out the New Participant Application Form.


General Information

Practice and Game Locations:

2017 Practice location:

  • March 7-31st: Smiley Campus (26th & Holly)
  • Beginning April 4
    • Martin Luther King Rec Center (38th & Oneida)
    • Smiley Campus (26th & Holly)
2017 Game location:
  • Martin Luther King Recreation Center (38th & Oneida)

City Lax’s home fields have been Skyland Park, located behind Hiawatha Davis Recreation Center at 35th & Holly Street; the Martin Luther King Recreation Center, located at 38th and Newport; and Fred Thomas Park, located at 26th & Quebec.


Dates and Times:

- Practice will begin the week of March 6, 2017
- Teams will practice two times per week (Tues/Thurs or Wed/Fri)
- Games will be played on Saturdays (some Sundays)
- The Spring season will end June 4th depending on the team

Tues/Thurs Practice Days - 5:30-7:00 PM (Smiley Campus - 25th & Holly)

  • Boys U7
  • Boys U10
  • Boys U11
  • Boys U12
  • Boys U13
  • Boys U15


Wed/Fri Practice Days - 5:30-7:00 PM (Smiley Campus - 25th & Holly)

  • Girls U8/U9
  • Girls U10
  • Girls U11
  • Girls U12
  • Girls U14
  • Boys U8
  • Boys U9


Age Divisions/Teams:

Girls: U-8/9, U-10, U-11, U-12, and U-14
Boys: U-7, U-8, U-9, U-10, U-11, U-12, U-13, and U-15

Please note that both the boys and girls lacrosse leagues have changed from grade to age based divisions.  Here is a cutoff date chart for each division:


2017 SPRING Age Classifications: 

Division Born on or after Grade Equivalency  
  U7  6/1/2009  1st  
  U8  6/1/2008  2nd  
  U9  6/1/2007  3rd  
  U10  6/1/2006  4th  
  U11  6/1/2005  5th  
  U12  6/1/2004  6th  
  U13  6/1/2003  7th  
  U15  6/1/2001*  8th  


*All 8th graders in Denver City Lax will play U15.  Any student enrolled in 9th grade is not eligible to play youth lacrosse by league rule, and should enroll on an appropriate high school team.
**A player's eligibility for the 2017 season is determined by his/her age on May 31, 2017. 
For example, any player born on or after June 1, 2004 is eligible to play U12.  A player born on May 31, 2004
or before is not eligible to play U12 and must play U13.

***U-14 Girls and U-15 Boys are the same age divisions.  The Boy's league (CYLA) does not have a U-14 division while the Girl's league (CGLA) does.

Have a question? The answer may be on our FAQ Page

Check out our 2017 FAQ Page HERE

More Information

For additional information please contact:

Call:  303-725-5500